Biden Balloon Blunder Exposes Sky-High Security Snafu


Looks like Gen. Milley and the Biden administration have some explaining to do! You see, back in September of 2023, ol’ Milley assured the American public that a pesky Chinese spy balloon drifting over the good ol’ U.S. of A. wasn’t up to no good. “No intelligence collection by that balloon,” he said, confidently citing the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment. 

Fast forward to today, and NBC News is blowin’ the lid off this whole charade. It seems that the Biden administration was well aware that the spy balloon was using U.S. telecom networks to send juicy intel back to its puppeteers in China. The Chinese Communist Party’s snooping contraption was hitching a ride on an American internet service provider to sling top-secret data all the way across the fruited plain.

The Biden bunch apparently even tried to get a FISA warrant to keep tabs on the balloon’s chit-chat with its buddies in China. They knew dang well what was going on up in the sky, but it seems like they were more interested in playing a game of “wait-and-see” rather than taking decisive action. 

So, while the Biden administration might be patting themselves on the back for eventually shooting down the balloon, let’s not forget that they let this big ol’ blimp meander its way across our great nation, slurping up intel like a thirsty camel at an oasis. 


Written by Staff Reports

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