Biden Betrays Israel, Jill Pulls Strings Behind Scenes

Joe Biden, the man who was supposed to lead the free world, has decided to abandon one of America’s greatest allies, Israel. In a shocking turn of events, Biden had the nerve to demand an immediate ceasefire from Israel during a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This move, conditioned on stopping civilian casualties, would essentially hand a victory to Hamas, the terrorist group causing chaos in the region.

It seems like Biden’s real boss is not actually the American people but his wife, Jill Biden. Reports have surfaced that Jill has been secretly pushing her husband to side against Israel. It’s a sad day when the First Lady’s opinions take precedence over the safety and security of a crucial ally.

The White House brought in John Kirby to defend this outrageous position, but he only made matters worse. Kirby fumbled through the briefing, unable to provide a clear explanation for how Israel is supposed to defeat Hamas if they are forced to stop fighting. It’s amateur hour at the White House, with officials scrambling to please their far-left supporters without understanding the consequences.

Throwing Israel under the bus while claiming to maintain “unwavering” support is the epitome of hypocrisy. The administration’s lack of coherent strategy is embarrassing, with conflicting messages leaving everyone confused and frustrated. It’s a mess, plain and simple.

As Americans are still being held hostage and Israel fights for its survival, Biden’s priorities seem completely misplaced. This move not only undermines the security of Israel but also sends a dangerous message to other allies around the world. Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself for bowing down to radicals and abandoning a friend in need.

Written by Staff Reports

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