Biden Blasts BiBi: No Free Pass for Gaza Strike Disaster!

In a long-anticipated phone call, President Joe Biden is set to have a stern conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after an Israeli airstrike resulted in the tragic deaths of multiple individuals associated with Chef Jose Andres’s World Central Kitchen.

The Israel Defense Forces have taken responsibility for the accident, but that hasn’t stopped President Biden from ruffling feathers and expressing his frustration. Reports suggest that Biden is gearing up to give Netanyahu a piece of his mind, as he is reportedly “pissed” about the situation. The tension between the two leaders is at an all-time high, with Biden making it clear that he’s not taking this lightly.

White House officials have shared little information about the call, keeping it under wraps until the conversation takes place. However, the frustration and disappointment on Biden’s end are evident, and it’s clear that he plans to address the matter seriously.

As civilian casualties in Gaza continue to climb, the pressure on President Biden is mounting. Despite hosting Muslim American leaders at the White House to discuss the situation, the success of the closed-door discussion remains uncertain. The president is under the microscope as he navigates this delicate international issue, and his call with Netanyahu will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment in the ongoing tensions.

Written by Staff Reports

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