Biden Blasts Hamas: Hospitals Not Shields for Terror!

In a jaw-dropping revelation, President Biden put the spotlight on the despicable actions of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. During a press conference following his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Mr. Biden didn’t hold back, calling out Hamas for committing a “war crime” by shamelessly using Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa, as a cover for their cowardly military operations and weapon storage.

The United States, standing firmly behind Israel, has continuously supported the Jewish state’s claims that Hamas is using hospitals and schools in Gaza as shields for their nefarious activities. And to drive the point home, Israeli forces have uncovered video evidence proving Hamas’ heinous tactics. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Hamas has predictably denied these claims, hoping to shroud their sinister deeds in falsehoods.

Backing Israel’s assertions, President Biden revealed that the U.S. possesses intelligence confirming the deplorable actions of Hamas. While not divulging the specifics of the intelligence, Mr. Biden’s statement underscores the gravity of the situation at hand.

The Israel Defense Forces have taken decisive action to surround the Al Shifa hospital and have entered the complex in a bid to put a stop to Hamas militants. And the evidence uncovered within the hospital speaks volumes – with weapons unearthed by Israeli forces, it’s clear that Hamas has no qualms about endangering innocent lives by using a hospital as a front for their terrorism.

Despite the outcry from human rights advocates, who have condemned Israel’s necessary actions to combat Hamas’ exploitation of the hospital, President Biden staunchly defended Israel’s right to protect itself. Highlighting the difficult position Israel finds itself in, Mr. Biden emphasized the risks faced by Israeli forces as they confront the insidious tactics of Hamas. The President’s unwavering support for Israel in the face of such blatant abuse of international law by Hamas sends a clear message – the United States stands with its ally in the fight against terror.

In the end, Hamas’ reprehensible actions have only reinforced the truth – hospitals, sanctuaries of healing and care, have been callously manipulated by terrorist organizations for their own malevolent purposes. As international law dictates, hospitals are safeguarded from military strikes, but when these sanctuaries are used for military activities, they forfeit their protected status. With Hamas shamelessly exploiting Al Shifa hospital, it’s evident that they are not only disregarding the sanctity of medical facilities but also the fundamental principles of humanity.

Written by Staff Reports

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