Biden Bows to China: Feeble POTUS Paves Way for Disaster

President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping was nothing short of a disaster, as was to be expected from Biden and his fellow Democrats. They went to great lengths to please Xi, even cleaning up the city just for his visit. It’s clear that Biden, who is about to turn 82 years old, is showing his age and coming off as our nation’s oldest president.

Senator Ted Cruz and Ben Ferguson discussed the age factor and other issues with the visit, describing it as a “red carpet welcome to the Communist from China.” They emphasized that it was a meeting of capitulation, rather than standing up to China.

Biden’s age is not just a concern for his health, but also because he has been in politics for so long with very little to show for it. For the past 50 years, Biden has been an apologist for the Chinese Communists, defending them and claiming they are our friends. This is a dangerous stance to take, considering China’s ambitions for geopolitical domination.

China’s culpability in the spread of COVID-19 cannot be ignored either. There is overwhelming evidence that the virus escaped from a lab in China, and they covered it up by silencing whistleblowers and doctors. Yet, Biden failed to address any of this when meeting with Xi in San Francisco.

The symbolism of Biden’s welcoming of Xi is also concerning. After exporting COVID-19 and causing financial harm to America, Xi is likely emboldened by the red-carpet treatment he received. This raises serious questions about Biden’s ability to handle foreign policy, especially when it comes to China’s threat to Taiwan.

China’s invasion of Taiwan would have catastrophic consequences for the United States, both economically and in terms of national security. We are highly dependent on Taiwan for advanced semiconductors, which are used in almost every electronic device we rely on. Biden’s weakness towards China only increases the chances of such an invasion.

It is clear that Biden’s weakness and ineffectiveness as president are emboldening our enemies. Nobody fears him, and nobody believes he will follow through on anything. This is a dangerous position for the leader of the free world to be in. Appeasement doesn’t work, and Biden’s actions are only further endangering our nation.

Furthermore, the Biden administration’s decision to provide billions more for Iran, a country that supports and funds terrorism, is truly stunning. While our own allies are enduring attacks from Iranian-backed Hamas, Biden is sending more money their way. This shows a complete lack of understanding and an appeasement mentality that puts American interests and security at risk.

It is clear that Biden’s age, lack of effectiveness, and appeasement policies are leading the nation down a dangerous path. We need a strong leader, someone who will stand up to our enemies and protect American interests. Biden is not that leader, and it’s time for conservatives to step up and bring real leadership back to the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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