Biden Bribe Scandal: FBI Cover-Up Exposed by Grassley, Cruz Demands Answers!

According to Senator Chuck Grassley, there are over a dozen tapes that contain conversations related to the Joe Biden bribery scandal. He revealed that two of these tapes feature Biden talking to a foreign national who was allegedly involved in the scheme. Unfortunately, the FBI did not provide the information in the form that was obtained by the House Oversight Committee.

According to Senator Ted Cruz, the FBI and Director Christopher Wray have been obstructionists in the investigation into the allegations involving the president. The agency reportedly redacted the form FD-1023, which contained strong evidence of a massive criminal scheme involving the president. This behavior is outrageous, especially considering the nature of the crime that is allegedly involved.

The FBI should be conducting thorough investigations on all pieces of evidence in order to uncover the truth about Joe Biden's possible criminal activities. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has accused the agency of obstruction and disrespect toward Congress.

The Republicans should immediately investigate the informant who wrote the confidential part of the document known as the FD-1023. This individual could provide important information regarding the foreign national who bribed Biden. Moreover, he or she could reveal details about the FBI's knowledge regarding the cover-up.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to call a foreign national to testify under oath since they are not US citizens. Nonetheless, Congress should try to get them to appear before a committee. It's also possible that they could be willing to help if Biden and his family have violated their rights.

It's time for the FBI to be held accountable for its alleged obstruction and cover-up. Members of Congress should thoroughly investigate the matter to bring transparency back to the situation.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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