Biden Bribery Scandal Deepens: GOP Rep Subpoenas Hunter’s Bank Records

Another step was taken in the investigation into the Ukrainian bribery scandal involving President Biden after Republican Congressman James Comer of Kentucky revealed that he had issued a new subpoena for the bank records of Hunter Biden. According to Comer, he wanted to look into the president's son's connection with a Russian oligarch.

This decision came after it was revealed that the FBI had been hiding evidence suggesting that former Vice President Joe Biden and his son were receiving payments from a Ukrainian company.

In a tweet, Comer noted that he plans on investigating the companies operated by the Bidens, and he claims that he has obtained bank records to look into Hunter Biden's ties with a Russian oligarch. According to Comer, the family used numerous fake companies to hide the money they received from foreign entities.

During a Fox Business interview, Comer revealed that Burisma wanted to bribe Biden to help it penetrate the American energy market. He said that the company's desire to bribe the former official was due to Biden's role in helping smooth the way for the company's entrance. Comer also noted that there were other documents related to the allegations against Biden's family that the FBI had not been able to find. These documents include testimony and information provided by confidential sources.

Additional documents that come up with proof of the Biden family's wrongdoings, such as the incorporation of a new shell company, could prove the degree of their crimes. Investigators may also be able to untangle the web of companies operated by the family, which could show that President Biden accepted bribes from Burisma, if they can uncover the truth.

If this is true, and there is evidence of his wrongdoing, the Republican Party would be able to launch impeachment proceedings against Biden, which could expose his past corruption before he became the president. It would be a great boost for the party's chances in 2024.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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