Biden Buckles on “Illegal” Immigrant Term, Conservatives Slam Flip-Flop

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is pulling no punches in his critique of President Joe Biden's recent reversal on labeling the primary suspect in Laken Riley's murder as an "illegal" immigrant. Johnson's words are sharp and direct, accusing the president of "cowering to his base" and showing undue deference to an individual who, in Johnson's view, deserves no such consideration. To Johnson, the suspect is unequivocally an illegal immigrant responsible for the brutal murder of Laken Riley, and Biden owes her grieving family an apology.

Johnson finds Biden's recent remarks in an interview deeply embarrassing, asserting that the president should apologize to Riley's parents. Johnson isn't alone in his condemnation of Biden's backtrack; former President Donald Trump also seized the opportunity to criticize Biden during a rally in Rome, Georgia. Trump, widely expected to be the Republican Party's 2024 presidential nominee, used the platform to denounce Biden's change of stance.

Initially referring to the suspect as an "illegal" during his State of the Union address, Biden later admitted in an interview that he should have used the term "undocumented." This admission drew sharp rebuke from conservatives like Johnson and Trump, who see it as pandering to Biden's base and failing to acknowledge the reality of illegal immigration.

The recent passage of the Laken Riley Act in the House of Representatives further underscores the deep political divide on immigration issues. The bill, which would mandate immigration officials to detain immigrants facing criminal charges, garnered support from 37 Democrats and passed with a vote of 251 to 170. This split in party support highlights the stark partisan contrast in approaches to immigration and crime.

As the political landscape intensifies, it's clear that Biden's handling of this case has ignited strong criticism from conservative figures like Johnson and Trump. With the possibility of a rematch between Biden and Trump in the upcoming presidential race looming, the debate over immigration and law enforcement promises to be a central issue for both parties.

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