Biden Bucks Pressure as Feds Fast for Gaza Peace!

Feds United for Peace is a group that says it is made up of federal employees. They are planning a one-day hunger strike to show their opposition to the ongoing war in Gaza. Monday, the White House stated that President Joe Biden is okay with peaceful protests as a way to call for an end to the fighting in the area.

Since the killings in Gaza on October 7 by Hamas terrorists, there have been protests all over the country following Vice President Biden. He is said to have met a group of people who want to end the fighting at a union meeting in Washington, D.C., last week. The protests have gotten worse, and many people are wondering if Biden will keep working with protesters calling for a ceasefire in the future.

On Thursday, February 1, people on hunger strike plan to wear black clothes and/or Palestinian symbols, like a keffiyeh, to show support and anger over the deaths of civilians in Gaza. People who are taking part are also asked to help people in need, serve, or give money to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

At almost every event President Biden has been to in the last four months, protesters have yelled at him. Many of the protesters are government workers who have chosen to stay anonymous. Two people, Tariq Habash from the Department of Education and Josh Paul from the State Department, have even quit because of the disagreement. People have also tried to get New Hampshire primary voters to write "Ceasefire" instead of Biden's name, but they only got a little more than 1,500 votes in the state.

Even though there are protests going on, Biden has stuck by his support for Israel. He visited the country in his first year as a U.S. senator, 51 years ago. But the White House says he is willing to listen to people who disagree with him and that he is president for all Americans. His press secretary stressed that everyone in the United States has the right to peacefully share their opinions.

Written by Staff Reports

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