Biden Bullying Facebook: Leaks Expose Truth Behind Censorship!

In a shocking revelation, internal documents leaked from Facebook prove that the social media giant was not only censoring posts but also changing its policies under pressure from the unconstitutional Biden White House. Can you believe it? This is an outrageous abuse of power!

According to the leaked documents, Facebook employees received both public and private pressure from the White House to take aggressive action against vaccine-discouraging content. That’s right, folks. The Biden administration doesn’t want any dissenting voices when it comes to their precious COVID-19 vaccines.

One email sent to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg showed an employee seeking guidance on whether to remove vaccine-discouraging content. The email even mentioned the White House and the press pressuring Facebook to remove more of this kind of content. It’s clear that the Biden administration wants complete control over the narrative surrounding vaccines.

But it doesn’t stop there. Another email revealed a tense meeting between Facebook’s president for global affairs, Nick Clegg, and a senior advisor to President Biden, Andy Slavitt. Slavitt was outraged that Facebook did not remove a meme comparing COVID vaccines to asbestos poisoning. Can you believe the audacity?

Even the White House demanded answers when a video from Tucker Carlson wasn’t censored. Facebook drafted talking points to appease the Biden White House. This is censorship at its worst, folks. It’s clear that the Biden administration wants to control what information we can access.

Facebook tried to fight back, but the pressure was too much. They eventually changed their policy to be more aggressive against COVID and vaccine misinformation. It’s a sad day when a private company caves to the demands of a power-hungry administration. Our freedom of speech is under attack!

This shocking revelation of government pressure on social media platforms should concern every conservative American. We cannot let the Biden administration dictate what information we can access or what opinions we can express. Our First Amendment rights are at stake!

To be continued… As more information comes to light, we must remain vigilant and hold Facebook accountable. The Biden administration’s abuse of power must not go unchecked. Stand up for free speech and fight against this censorship!

Written by Staff Reports

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