Biden Bullying Texas over Border Control? 25 States Back Gov. Abbott!

In a move reminiscent of a playground bully, Joe Biden has issued an ultimatum to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, demanding that he relinquish control of the border areas that his state has been diligently securing. It’s clear that Biden is not the one behind this demand; his handlers are undoubtedly pulling the strings. But regardless of who came up with this absurd idea, it’s clear that the Biden administration is overstepping its authority.

This ultimatum comes on the heels of 25 states joining forces to support Governor Abbott in his battle against the federal government’s negligence in enforcing immigration laws. It’s a sad state of affairs when so many states have to band together to ensure that our borders are secure. But that’s the reality under the Biden administration.

The demand is set for Friday, January 26th, and the Biden administration is insisting on full access to Shelby Park, a boat launch, and the international bridge. What’s next? Will they be demanding access to the Governor’s mansion as well? It’s clear that they are overreaching and attempting to assert control over areas that are rightfully under Texas’ jurisdiction.

Texas has every right to stand its ground and refuse this absurd demand. The federal government has no leverage here and no authority to dictate how Texas should protect its borders. Is the Biden administration going to open fire on the Texas National Guard if they don’t comply? It’s laughable to think that they have any power in this situation.

The fact that we are even arguing over something as basic as securing our borders is mind-boggling. The border crisis has reached catastrophic proportions, and instead of addressing the issue head-on, the Biden administration is wasting time and resources trying to cut razor wire. Texas has every right to defend itself and protect its territory. If the federal government is incapable of doing its job, that’s on them, not the state officials who are simply trying to do what makes sense.

Governor Abbott should stand tall in the face of this ultimatum and tell Biden to pound sand. Texas is holding its ground, and it has absolutely nothing to lose. It’s time for the federal government to wake up and realize that it can’t bully its way into forcing states to abandon their duty to protect their citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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