Biden Targets Gun Owners Again, Ignores Street Thugs!

President Joe Biden, the self-proclaimed gun control guru, is at it again. This time, he’s using his executive action magic wand to further tinker with the Second Amendment, leaving law-abiding citizens in the crosshairs.

Instead of focusing on the real root causes of gun violence, Biden’s latest move takes aim at how Americans store their firearms. The White House claims that safe storage can magically reduce school shootings, youth suicides, unintentional shootings, and gun theft. Surprisingly, no mention of addressing the criminal element terrorizing our streets.

But wait, there’s more. The Biden Department of Justice is expected to send out guidelines to school principals, urging them to have uncomfortable conversations with parents about firearm storage. Because that’s exactly what overworked school staff need on their plates, right?

This isn’t Biden’s first rodeo when it comes to gun control. He’s been chanting the ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines anthem since day one. It’s all part of his grand plan to kick the National Rifle Association to the curb, as if that will magically make America safer.

And let’s not forget the cherry on top of this anti-Second Amendment sundae. Hunter Biden, the president’s son, is facing federal gun charges for allegedly possessing a firearm while on drugs and lying on a federal form during its purchase. An amusing twist of irony, considering his father is busy chiseling away at Americans’ gun rights.

But don’t hold your breath for the gun safety groups to speak out. They’ve been conveniently tight-lipped on the matter. It’s almost as if they’re in cahoots with the Biden administration to undermine the Second Amendment. Shocking, right?

So, dear readers, if you cherish your right to bear arms and don’t fancy the idea of a government telling you how to store your firearms, you might want to keep an eye on this latest executive action circus. And when the time comes, use your vote to make your voice heard loud and clear.

Written by Staff Reports

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