Biden’s Shameful Debate Lie Dishonors Fallen Troops and Betrays Military Trust

The recent presidential debate showcased a moment of shame for President Joe Biden, who attempted to claim that no American servicemembers had been lost to hostile actions under his watch. In a feeble attempt to attack former President Donald Trump, Biden stumbled over his words and mumbled out this egregious lie, revealing his true nature as a bitter and immature individual. As a Combat Veteran, the writer expresses the sentiment that using the sacrifices of military personnel as political pawns is despicable, but recognizing successful operations like the killing of Osama Bin Laden can bring pride to the nation.

President Biden’s deceitful bragging was not only insulting but also a betrayal of trust with the military community. By unilaterally deciding to pull out of Afghanistan against military recommendations, Biden’s reckless actions led to the death of multiple American troops in bombings and drone strikes. The writer highlights the heartbreaking reality of servicemembers paying the ultimate price in combat, emphasizing that any commander, including the president, bears the weight of those losses. 


The attempt by Biden to paint himself as a leader who has not lost any troops in combat was not only false but also distasteful. The writer condemns Biden’s lack of empathy and manipulative use of military sacrifices for political gain. As the nation faces challenges both at home and abroad, the writer calls for President Biden to step aside, portraying him as unfit to lead the country and highlighting the need for true leadership in the face of adversity.

Written by Staff Reports

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