Biden Endorsed by Convicted Murderer and Tax Evading Rapper

The Biden campaign managed to unleash yet another head-scratcher when they posted a glowing endorsement from none other than a convicted murderer turned community activist. Yes, you read that right. William Latif Little, who was peddling his support for “Sleepy Joe” after Thursday’s debate, has a third-degree murder conviction on his resume. Apparently, ten years in the slammer for taking someone’s life isn’t enough to disqualify one from being a star in Biden’s digital cheerleading squad.

Little, declaring himself no blind voter, claims Biden’s recent debate performance tipped him over the edge. Apparently, these days verbal gaffes, mixed-up facts, and a bumbling stage presence pass off as leadership material for some folks. The New York Times even felt the need to publish something of a cri de coeur, urging Biden to bow out and make way for someone who can string coherent sentences together.

Little, who’s had a colorful past to say the least, seems to be swayed by Biden’s questionable handling of the economy and foreign conflicts alike. Before the debate, Little was teetering, but Biden’s latest round of anti-Trump fairy tales and the good ol’ mumble routine must have been what the doctor ordered. 


While Little seems to be captivated by Biden’s latest performance, the faithful liberal megadonors are scrambling, contemplating interventions to save the Democratic Titanic before it sinks completely. Little also had some confusing admiration for Trump’s economic prowess but was put off by what he termed as “exaggerations”. Well, exaggerations aside, the former President did manage to keep the economy from turning into a dumpster fire.

Amusingly, Little’s presence wasn’t enough; Rapper Fat Joe—another gem with a criminal past—decided to throw his hat in the ring too. Fresh off a federal court sentence for tax evasion, Fat Joe thought he’d amp up the Biden campaign at a rally in North Carolina. It’s a family reunion of sorts, with high-profile convicts congregating to prop up a shaky presidential campaign.

Given the string of characters endorsing Biden, it seems like even a circus clown could jump on the bandwagon and not raise an eyebrow. The Biden-Harris HQ must be crossing their fingers, hoping that bringing in controversial figures as endorsements will somehow solidify their shaky footing. The rest of America, watching this reality show unfold, might just have something more sensible in mind come November.

Written by Staff Reports

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