Biden’s Debate Disaster Leaves Voters Doubting His 2024 Run as Trump Gains Ground

The American people have been questioning for months whether President Joe Biden is up for re-election, and his disastrous debate performance only fueled those doubts. It’s becoming increasingly clear that even Biden’s former die-hard supporters are starting to regret their decision to side with the 81-year-old career politician.

Biden can boast all he wants about supposedly winning over more undecided voters than former President Donald Trump during the debate, but the polls tell a different story. According to a JL Partners poll, nearly 70 percent of Independent voters are ready to see Biden bow out of the 2024 race, while only a slim fraction of Democrats are still clinging to the hope that he won’t embarrass their party further. 


Thanks to Biden’s debate debacle, Trump is enjoying a boost. Forty-four percent of independents now say they’ll cast their vote for Trump, a four-point increase since the debate. Meanwhile, Biden’s support has plummeted an eye-popping 28 percentage points. Before the debate, 24 percent of voters were on board with him; now, that’s dropped significantly.

Let’s not forget, only 41 percent of voters initially thought Biden should have dropped out back in 2020. Fast forward to today, and a CBS News poll reveals that three-quarters of the electorate now doubt Biden has the faculty to serve another four years. Pre-debate, 65 percent had doubts about his cognitive health; now, that number has surged to 72 percent.

In February, 63 percent of voters wanted Biden to pack it in. Today, that sentiment has grown with 72 percent echoing the same request. Despite all this, a Biden campaign official confirmed he’s stubbornly staying in the race and intends to torture the American public with a second debate against Trump in September.

Trump’s performance stood in stark contrast, with Republicans overwhelmingly supporting his candidacy. Voters felt Trump presented his ideas more clearly, appeared more presidential, inspired more confidence, and just flat-out won the debate. Forty-seven percent believed Trump was articulate in his policies compared to a sad 21 percent for Biden. Forty-six percent saw Trump as presidential, and 43 percent said he laid out his plans better than Biden’s incoherent mumbo jumbo. Only 35 percent could muster the courage to say the same for Biden.

The numbers don’t lie, folks. It’s time for Biden to throw in the towel and for America to make a sensible choice in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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