Biden Admin Denies Endorsing Child Gender Surgeries Yet Pushes to Remove Age Limits

The Biden administration just spun a new tale last week, claiming they don’t endorse “gender-affirming” surgeries for minors. But let’s not forget, this statement seems more like an attempt to rewrite history than an actual policy shift.

The clarification came in response to The New York Times spotlighting reports that the Biden team, led by U.S. Adm. Rachel Levine, had reportedly leaned heavily on a transgender health organization to scrap age restrictions for gender surgeries in their treatment guidelines. Just a minor blip in their ongoing saga to create a brave new world without age boundaries, apparently.

Emails unearthed by the Times suggested that Levine and the administration were worried that setting age minimums might spark political backlash. According to the Times, they feared that requiring patients to be a certain age before undergoing irreversible surgeries would ignite opposition from those pesky conservatives who seem to think minors should be protected from such drastic medical decisions.

Further documents were unearthed, showing how Levine’s chief of staff, Sarah Boateng, also expressed concerns that setting age limits could result in legislation unfavorable to their agenda. Boateng implied that scrapping the age minimums might smooth the path for broadening access to these surgeries, not just for minors but for adults, too. The Biden administration seems to be walking on eggshells, scared that any limits would rain political fire and brimstone on their plans. 


Let’s not forget, despite this recent tap dance, the administration has been quite vocal about its dedication to “advancing equality” for transgender Americans, especially children. The White House even touted their generous use of tax dollars to fund mental health resources, school trainings, and the so-called “positive impact of gender-affirming care.” This, of course, includes those controversial surgeries.

A fact sheet proudly proclaimed these initiatives, detailing how mental health resources are offered to “trans” children and that training programs in schools support transgender and nonbinary students. All this while ensuring everyone that providing these surgeries is neither child maltreatment nor malpractice. In other words, the Biden administration is all in, using public funds to cement their ideology, regardless of age minimums or scientific support.

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