Democrats in Disarray Speculate on Whitmer Newsom as Biden Struggles

In the wake of Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, whispers and speculations about potential replacements have been circulating among powerful Democrats. Notably, California Governor Gavin Newsom has been making moves behind the scenes, hinting at a possible shadow campaign for the presidency. But another name that has emerged in this palace intrigue is Michigan Governor Gretchen “Lockdown” Whitmer, who reportedly had advance teams in Washington, DC weeks ago, fueling rumors of a potential presidential bid.

Following Biden’s stumble at the debate, more details have emerged about Whitmer’s alleged activities. Reports suggest that she reached out to a senior Biden campaign official to clarify her position and express discontent over being touted as a replacement. Whitmer reiterated her support for Biden while also voicing concerns about the campaign’s challenges post-debate, hinting that Michigan may no longer be a winnable state for Biden.

Despite these behind-the-scenes maneuvers, Whitmer has publicly denied any interest in running for president, affirming her commitment to supporting Biden. However, skepticism lingers, given the history of politicians reneging on such statements. The allure of presidential aspirations can be strong for those in the political arena, often leading to contradictory stances on future plans. 


The drama unfolding around Biden’s debate performance and the subsequent fallout continues to captivate political observers. The intricate web of alliances, ambitions, and strategic calculations within the Democratic Party hints at a tumultuous road ahead as the 2024 election looms. The intrigue surrounding potential successors to Biden underscores the high stakes and intense competition within the party.

As the dust settles from the debate debacle, the focus shifts to the shadowy maneuvers and power plays taking place in the background. Whether Whitmer or other contenders will seize the opportunity presented by Biden’s misstep remains to be seen. The drama unfolding behind closed doors in Democratic circles promises to provide ample fodder for political pundits and observers in the coming days.

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