Bannon Hints at Investigations for Former Officials in Possible Trump Return

In a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, hinted at a potential future where certain former intelligence and Justice Department officials may come under investigation in a hypothetical second Trump presidency.

The conversation revolved around individuals who had served under Trump and had potentially crossed him, with Bannon suggesting that those in positions of authority should be concerned about potential investigations. Names like Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and Mark Milley were thrown around as individuals who could face scrutiny.

Bannon made it clear that the focus was on seeking justice through thorough investigations and, if necessary, pursuing criminal charges. He emphasized that it wasn’t about retribution but about holding individuals accountable for their actions. 


The discussion even touched on former Attorney General Bill Barr, with Bannon suggesting that he, too, should be subject to investigation. Bannon maintained that this was about justice, not retribution, and that no one should be prejudged before a full examination of the facts.

Overall, Bannon’s remarks portrayed a potentially harsh future for certain officials if Trump were to secure a second term, with investigations and potential legal consequences looming over those who had fallen out of favor.

Written by Staff Reports

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