White House Defends Biden’s Fitness as 2024 Race Heats Up

The White House, with its usual flair for denial, is once again playing defense for President Joe Biden’s age and mental fitness as he gears up for the 2024 Democratic nomination. They are doing their best to make everyone believe that there’s nothing to see here, folks—move along!

John Kirby, the White House’s national security spokesman, put on quite a performance for the press Monday. He waxed poetic about Biden’s mental sharpness over the past two and a half years, claiming there’s no reason to doubt the president’s lucidity, context grasp, probing nature, and mastery of facts and figures. It’s as if Kirby was auditioning for a role in a political comedy.

Kirby also mentioned he feels “uncomfortable” with the growing concerns about Biden’s age and mental sharpness, which have been making the rounds ever since Biden’s forgetful moments during his recent debate with former President Donald Trump. Losing one’s train of thought in front of millions tends to raise eyebrows, but Kirby reassured everyone that this isn’t the Biden he knows.

To add more spice, Kirby dismissed the notion that the White House National Security Council has to tailor its briefing schedule to accommodate President Biden’s “early bedtime.” Biden himself had suggested to Democratic governors that he might cut back on evening events, effectively admitting he’s a morning person—or perhaps just one who needs his beauty sleep.

While the White House spins tales of a vigorous, sharp-witted leader, the American public can’t help but raise a skeptical eyebrow. The Democrats may have their presumptive nominee, but the question remains: Is Joe Biden still running the show, or is it time for him to take a well-deserved rest?

Written by Staff Reports

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