DNC Targets RNC With Pro-Biden Bus Ads in Milwaukee

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is launching a bold campaign on Milwaukee’s city buses just ahead of the Republican National Convention (RNC). This move appears to reflect a sense of urgency, with fifty-seven buses adorned with pro-Biden advertisements showcasing the "Dark Brandon" meme. It's a choice that some may find unconventional, as it relies on a recycled internet joke to convey the message of electability.

Out of the seven initial wraps, four boldly feature slogans like "Restore Roe? Vote for Joe!!" and "Get On Board, Folks. We’re Lowering Prescription Drug Costs." It seems the DNC is banking on the idea that these catchy slogans plastered on public transportation will sway voters. While their effort is commendable, let’s face it: If people are deciding their votes based on bus advertisements, we might have more significant issues to address.

The Democrats, ever the opportunists, are unleashing these propaganda pieces right as Republicans gather in Milwaukee for an event that promises far more substance than a flashy meme campaign. DNC Communications Director Rosemary Boeglin claimed the Democrats want every corner of Milwaukee to know that Biden is allegedly fighting for them. Next, they’ll probably say he’s sprinting across the country, cape flapping in the wind.

In their persistent obsession with slandering former President Donald Trump, one of the wraps hammers on Trump’s legal battles, declaring him a convicted felon. Another ingeniously reminds voters that it was Trump who appointed the Supreme Court Justices responsible for overturning Roe v. Wade. Subtlety clearly isn’t in the DNC’s playbook.

And let’s not forget the dramatics, where they paint a dystopian future with Trump banning reproductive care across the nation, including Wisconsin. Impressive bit of fear-mongering, but Americans have proven time and again that they can see through this type of sensationalist rhetoric.

As Republicans gear up for their convention from July 15-18, one wonders if the voters will buy into Biden’s bus shelter pulp fiction. Conservatives can sit back and enjoy the spectacle as Democrats drive their campaign further off the rails.

Written by Staff Reports

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