The Untold Dangers of Ignoring the Border Invasion

As our southern border remains a revolving door for illegal immigration, we are not just losing precious resources—we are jeopardizing our national security and sacrificing American lives.

Resource Drain

Every illegal crossing represents a strain on our already burdened system. Hospitals, schools, and welfare programs are overwhelmed, diverting resources that should go to American citizens. Taxpayer dollars meant for community improvement are instead funneled into accommodating those who have broken our laws.

National Security Nightmare

Our porous border is a national security threat. Terrorists, drug cartels, and human traffickers exploit this weakness. Each unvetted individual crossing into the country increases the risk of criminal activity and terrorism on our soil. We are essentially leaving the door wide open for bad actors to harm our citizens.

Sacrificing American Lives

The human cost is staggering. From violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants to Americans falling victim to drugs like fentanyl flooding across the border, the toll on American lives is incalculable. By not addressing this crisis, we are failing our most basic duty: to protect and preserve the safety of our citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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