Biden Bumbles Again: Rescued by Jill, Still Stumbles on Israel Remarks!

Biden, yet again, proved his lack of coherence and attention during a recent press briefing at the White House. After returning from yet another vacation in Delaware, his chaotic schedule included three events that seemed unrelated to the pressing issues facing the country, such as the Israeli war, the border crisis, and the state of the economy. Most of the time, Biden’s activities are purely ceremonial, as demonstrated by his meeting with the Vegas Golden Knights to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory.

During the Stanley Cup celebration, Biden stumbled through his comments, referring to Vice President Harris as the president. His confusion was evident when he mentioned the Philadelphia Eagles, but it’s unclear what point he was trying to make. The whole situation was a festival of incoherence. It’s unclear if Biden even knows what he’s talking about half the time.

In another event of the day, Biden signed a Memorandum regarding Women’s Health Research, where he needed help from his wife, Jill Biden, to answer a reporter’s question about Israel. His response was disjointed and prompted by his wife’s prompting. He mentioned an expectation of less intrusive action in hospitals in Gaza and negotiations with Qataris for the release of prisoners. However, Israeli officials have already contradicted Biden’s claims of negotiated pauses, exposing his words as mere pandering to the left’s desire for a ceasefire.

Furthermore, Biden’s choice of words, referring to hostages as prisoners, is concerning. This language undermines the severity of the situation and fails to recognize the true nature of the conflict. Additionally, Biden’s insistence on protecting the hospital in Gaza without considering the fact that Hamas uses these facilities to hide weapons and militants reveals a lack of understanding and support for Israel’s self-defense measures.

Biden’s actions and comments do not reflect a strong commitment to supporting Israel or effectively resolving the ongoing conflict. Instead, he seems to be playing both sides, trying to appease the left and protect Hamas while portraying himself as supportive of Israel. This type of double-dealing only serves to further undermine America’s role on the international stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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