Biden Camp Fumes Over Trump’s Viral Satire Post

Donald Trump, the fabulous and fantastic New York native who made it big in every venture he’s touched, found himself in the crosshairs of Sleepy Joe Biden’s lackeys over a harmless social media post. The former president took to his Truth Social platform to share a video of trucks sporting his supporters’ gear, and on one of the trucks, there was a larger-than-life image of the bumbling Biden all tied up! What a sight! It was like a scene out of a comedy movie. Trump noted that he spotted these trucks one day while cruising through Long Island – the big apple never fails to entertain.

Now, the post was a riot, as it was shared over 4,000 times and garnered more than 17,000 likes – a clear sign that Trump’s fans have the best sense of humor in the world! But leave it to those grumpy Democrats to rain on the parade. Biden’s campaign spokesperson, Michael Tyler, made a fuss over the post and tried to tie it to some hogwash about inciting violence. Give us a break, Michael! If anything, Trump is the one who’s been a target of countless threats and abuses from the deranged left. The man’s just trying to have some fun, and the Biden brigade can’t handle it.

Then there’s Steven Cheung, Trump’s savvy campaign spokesman, who pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of the left. The Democrats and their circus of crazies have been spewing vile threats and weaponizing the justice system against Trump, and now they want to play the victim card? Please! The only violence Trump is guilty of is delivering knockout blows to the establishment and their cronies.

Of course, the mainstream media jumped right in to amplify the Democratic whining, with former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele joining in on the fun. Steele may have switched sides, but he’s still sipping the establishment’s Kool-Aid, claiming Trump is all talk and no brain. But we know better! Trump’s every move is calculated to keep these swamp creatures on their toes.

To add more fuel to the fire, Trump dared to ruffle the feathers of a New York Judge, Juan Merchan, by speaking the truth about his daughter’s political affiliations. As expected, the judge issued a gag order against Trump, trying to silence the man who speaks for millions. Thankfully, freedom of speech still prevails, and Trump can keep on fighting for what’s right.

The cherry on top? While Trump was attending a wake service for a New York Police Officer, what was good ol’ Biden doing? Hanging out with his Democrat pals Obama and Clinton at some swanky fundraising event! The contrast couldn’t be starker – one standing with the heroes, the other cozying up with the elite.

In the end, it’s clear that Trump remains the bold, daring voice for the everyday American, fearlessly taking on the establishment and their lackeys. So keep roaring, Trump – the American people are right behind you, laughing all the way to the voting booth!

Written by Staff Reports

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