Biden Campaign Stages Event to Sway Public During Trump Trial

In recent years, Democratic district attorneys and the Department of Justice took legal action against former President Donald Trump. The Democratic Party has continuously denied that these cases were politically motivated. However, recent events seem to suggest otherwise.

The Biden-Harris Campaign announced that they would hold a news conference outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse, with some “special guests,” at the same time as closing arguments for Trump’s case. This move prompted criticism from various individuals, who saw it as a transparent and desperate attempt to influence public opinion.

During the press conference, the campaign representative emphasized the threat that Donald Trump poses to the United States and democracy. They also introduced “special guests,” including two Capitol incursion officers and actor Robert De Niro. The representative contrasted Trump as a “chaos agent” with Biden, portrayed as a leader who fights for America.

Many view this news conference as a blatant display of political bias and interference. The optics of holding the press conference during Trump’s trial closing arguments suggest a calculated effort to paint Trump as a threat and garner public support for his prosecution. It raises questions about which side is engaging in election interference.

Some worry that the 2024 election could be in jeopardy, as former U.S. national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn warned that an election might not even be held. This underscores the significant stakes of the upcoming election and the need for public support in the fight against biased media and Big Tech influence.

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Written by Staff Reports

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