Trump Lawyer Exposes Cohen Lies Calls Him Greatest Liar of All Time

In a recent legal case involving former President Donald Trump, his attorney strongly questioned the credibility of Michael Cohen, a key witness. The attorney, named Blanche, pointed out that Cohen has a history of lying to various people, including his family, officials, and the media. Blanche emphasized that Cohen even lied during the trial, specifically regarding a phone call he claimed to have made to Trump.

Blanche accused Cohen of committing perjury and labeled him as a thief for stealing money from the Trump Organization. Additionally, Blanche sarcastically referred to Cohen as the “greatest liar of all time,” urging the jurors not to base their decision on Cohen’s testimony. Cohen was the sole witness linking Trump to serious allegations in the case, which involved charges related to a payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Some reports highlighted Judge Juan Merchan’s disapproval of Blanche’s statement about sending someone to prison. The judge found the remark troubling and granted prosecutors’ request to address it with the jury. Overall, the defense’s case aimed to challenge Cohen’s credibility and raise doubts about his testimony against Trump.

From a conservative perspective, it is crucial to scrutinize the credibility of witnesses like Cohen, particularly when their testimony could have serious consequences for individuals like former President Trump. Questioning the integrity of key witnesses is a legitimate part of the legal process to ensure fair and just outcomes. In this case, Blanche’s efforts to undermine Cohen’s credibility are essential in upholding justice and protecting individuals from false accusations.

Written by Staff Reports

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