Biden Changes Walk Routine Amid Health Speculation

President Joe Biden has made changes to his routine at the White House by having an entourage walk with him across the lawn, which has been seen as a way to divert attention from his awkward gait, as reported.

According to sources close to Biden, the president’s team is worried that videos of him walking clumsily could bring attention to his age and health. By walking with a group of people, they are able to distract from his gait and shield certain angles from the cameras.

Reportedly, the change in routine was suggested by Biden himself, as he wanted to have a more casual interaction with his aides. Since April 16, he has been accompanied by aides or lawmakers 9 out of 10 times on his way to Marine One.

While aides have been seen walking with Biden more frequently, it is unclear if this is a deliberate strategy to shield the president. Biden often walks ahead of his aides, providing an unobstructed view of his walking for cameras and journalists.

Biden has faced health challenges, including spinal arthritis and peripheral neuropathy in his feet. His team has taken various measures to address these concerns, such as wearing supportive sneakers and using shorter stairs.


Written by Staff Reports

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