Biden Claims Executive Privilege on Hur Interviews, Critics Accuse Him of Abuse of Power

President Biden has claimed executive privilege to prevent the release of his audio interviews with former Special Counsel Robert Hur. The transcripts, which have already been made public, show that during Hur’s investigation into President Biden’s handling of classified information, he displayed serious memory loss and confusion. However, many are critical of Biden’s use of executive privilege, claiming it is a way to cover up and abuse his power.

Critics argue that Biden has ignored the longstanding principle of executive privilege by using it to obtain Presidential records from President Trump and now using it to hide the audio interviews. They accuse Biden of trying to manipulate the evidence for his political advantage. The White House Counsel and Attorney General Merrick Garland maintain that there is no legitimate need for the audio recordings to be released, and they suspect that the recordings will be edited and distorted for partisan political purposes.

In response, Republicans are planning to proceed with contempt charges against Garland for withholding the audio interviews. The House Judiciary Committee is set to move forward with the process, citing the need for transparency and accountability. This controversy surrounding the executive privilege claim by President Biden has raised concerns about potential political motives in an election year.

Written by Staff Reports

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