Biden Criticized for Prayer Day Message Amid Abortion Support Debate

President Joe Biden found himself in a bit of a pickle after sharing a message about the National Day of Prayer that left many eyebrow raised. Social media users were quick to remind the President that quoting scripture while simultaneously advocating for the murder of unborn children seemed a tad hypocritical. Some online critics highlighted the stark contrast between Biden’s scriptural references and his pro-abortion stances, suggesting it wasn’t quite adding up.

Biden’s tweet on the National Day of Prayer included a message urging hope, patience, and prayer. However, the absence of the words “God” or “Jesus” in his post raised some flags for those who felt his actions didn’t match his words. Many voices pointed out the irony of Biden preaching about honesty, decency, and dignity while supporting policies that contradict biblical teachings. The online chatter didn’t hold back, with one individual even questioning Biden’s 

Catholic values and dedication to upholding them in his governance.

Adding fuel to the fire, Biden made additional posts mourning the end of Roe v. Wade and criticizing former President Donald Trump’s stance on abortion. He accused Trump of taking away women’s freedom and endorsed protecting women’s rights to choose abortion.

These statements only fueled the criticism from those who saw Biden’s supposed adherence to Catholicism at odds with his abortion advocacy.

As the debate rages on, President Biden finds himself caught between his religious beliefs and political policies, with online commentators not shy about pointing out the contradictions they see. Time will tell how Biden navigates these conflicting positions in the eyes of the public and whether his actions will match his words in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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