Biden Debate Flop Sparks Democrat Desperation for 2024 Replacement

It appears Joe Biden’s recent feeble debate performance has sent Democrats into a tailspin. The party faithful are suddenly reconsidering their options for 2024, anxiously eyeing the prospect of replacing him as their nominee. One can’t help but notice the sheer irony of the situation: the man they once hailed as the savior from the clutches of Trump might now need to save himself.

Despite the Democrats’ near-panic over the possibility of another election loss to Trump, they face a seemingly insurmountable challenge in replacing Biden. Let’s ponder the absurdity for a moment. They’ve got an incumbent president – who they’ve supported all the way – but now his own party is contemplating whether he’s up to the task. Talk about a crisis of confidence.

Here’s the kicker: it’s largely up to Biden himself. True to his typical confidence, he seems determined to hang onto the nomination. Over the weekend, Biden gathered with his family to discuss his campaign’s future. Reports suggest they walked away more committed than ever, albeit that commitment might just lead them off the political cliff.

Sure, leading Democrats could make a dramatic visit to the Oval Office or charm Biden at Camp David, trying to persuade him to step down as gracefully as Richard Nixon did when facing impeachment. However, unlike Nixon, Biden isn’t at risk of being ousted by the Senate. Persuasive power only goes so far when Biden can just ignore their pleas and carry on, armed with the knowledge that his donors’ wallets might still open for him—even with the specter of another Trump presidency.

Then there’s the “Kamala problem.” Kamala Harris, Biden’s VP and the supposed natural successor, isn’t exactly an upgrade. Harris’s polling numbers are as disappointing as Biden’s, maybe worse. Democrats might daydream about shoving both Biden and Harris out, but maneuvering such a coup without leaving America with Speaker Mike Johnson next in line is nothing short of a political nightmare.

Of course, Democrats could entertain some wild scenarios like appointing Harris to the Supreme Court to clear the path. The Senate confirmation, however, would be more like a fiery trial in a circus ring, and her VP replacement would need approval in a Republican House. Good luck with that. Democrats are already struggling to maintain support among black voters, and sidelining Harris wouldn’t help their cause.

Beyond Biden and Harris, the Democrat bench isn’t exactly brimming with superstars. A recent poll by Data for Progress found that none of the potential Democratic candidates – from Gov. Gavin Newsom to Mayor Pete Buttigieg – would make for a better contender against Trump. They’re all pretty much in the same sinking ship with Biden.

Even the Democrats’ ace card, a possible convention mutiny to dethrone Biden, is fraught with complications. The DNC rules allow delegates to reflect the sentiments of those who elected them, but getting a sufficient number to defect against nearly 3,900 pledged Biden delegates is akin to finding a unicorn. Donna Brazile once pondered swapping out Hillary Clinton for a healthier candidate in 2016, but even that desperate idea went nowhere.

Democrats tout themselves as defenders of democracy, deriding everything from the Electoral College to the Senate as undemocratic. Yet here they are, seriously considering removing a candidate who won every primary. One can only marvel at their dedication to democracy as long as it’s convenient.

However, Democrats might just be desperate enough to take drastic measures if Biden continues to tank in the polls. They argue that Trump is a unique threat to democracy, which could justify all kinds of political maneuvering. The question is, will they risk dividing their own party further just to replace Biden? So far, the answer is anybody’s guess in this circus of electoral turmoil.

Written by Staff Reports

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