Biden Defies Party Pressure Insists on 2024 Run Against Trump Despite Waning Support

President Joe Biden, the man who can seemingly fall asleep mid-sentence, has decided to dig in his heels and stay the course for the 2024 presidential race. This comes after numerous congressional Democrats openly suggested that it’s time for him to retire his campaign staff and call it a presidency. Biden pushed back hard, dispatching a letter to his party faithful on Capitol Hill, declaring his undying commitment to the campaign.

Biden, in a seemingly desperate bid, urged his fellow Democrats to unite and focus on taking down Donald Trump. Shocking, isn’t it? The president believes he’s still the guy to beat Trump in November—presumably after a nap and some ice cream. He asserted that despite all the media speculation and internal party grumbling, he’s running to the bitter end. One can almost hear his campaign staff collectively sighing in the background.

Over the past 10 days, Biden claims to have had “extensive conversations” with party leaders, elected officials, rank-and-file members, and, of course, the Democratic voters. He says he’s aware of the concerns and fears about this election, suggesting he has a keen awareness of the responsibilities he carries. It’s quite the assertion from a man who sometimes seems surprised by his own presence on stage.

Biden also took a moment to remind everyone about the “fair and open” Democratic primary, a statement so bold it’s almost comedic. Freezing out RFK Jr. by refusing debates and suing left and right to keep him off the ballot somehow translates to fairness in Biden’s version of events. The president proudly pointed to his 87% of the votes, brushing off that pesky little detail about suppressing candidates who dared to challenge him. 


Firmly stating that the voters alone decide the nominee, Biden decried any attempts to undermine the Democratic primary process. He claimed to respect the faith and trust the Democratic voters have placed in him, brushing aside critics as nothing more than media noise and punditry. It’s an interesting take from a president whose own party members are whispering about finding new leadership.

Adding more spice to this political stew, the fiasco continues with fallout from Biden’s lackluster debate performance against Trump. His subsequent interview with ABC News was hardly a damage control success, admitting the debate was a “bad episode” and that he was “feeling terrible” after a busy month. With every new headline, one might wonder if the Democrats are quietly asking themselves when the curtains should fall on this presidential show.

Written by Staff Reports

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