Biden Denies RFK Jr. Secret Service Protection: Political Vendetta Exposed?

In a shocking turn of events, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., commonly known as RFK Jr., has publicly disclosed that the Biden administration has denied him the Secret Service protection that is typically granted to presidential candidates. This decision, despite the security and safety concerns raised by the Kennedy campaign, has left many scratching their heads. RFK Jr. has lamented this denial, pointing out that candidates for president have received Secret Service protection since his father’s assassination in 1968, yet he has been left vulnerable.

The Biden administration’s refusal to grant RFK Jr. the protection he requested has raised eyebrows within the conservative community. The typical turnaround time for such requests is a mere 14 days, but astonishingly, the Biden administration took a staggering 88 days to respond before ultimately denying the request. One can’t help but wonder if there is a political motive behind this decision. Perhaps they fear RFK Jr.’s charismatic personality and conservative ideals that pose a threat to their liberal agenda.

Adding fuel to the fire, RFK Jr. revealed that Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, stated that Secret Service protection was not warranted for him at this time. One can’t help but question the reasoning behind this decision. Is Mayorkas implying that RFK Jr. is not deserving of the protection provided to other presidential candidates? It’s disheartening to see such blatant bias against a political opponent.

RFK Jr. further highlighted that their campaign had submitted a comprehensive 67-page report from a leading protection firm, detailing the significant security and safety risks he faces. These risks go beyond the usual death threats that are unfortunately all too common for political figures. Yet, even with this compelling evidence, the Biden administration callously rejected the request. It seems that RFK Jr.’s safety and well-being simply do not matter to the powers that be.

This denial of Secret Service protection is particularly unsettling when considering the fact that RFK Jr.’s father and uncle, President John Kennedy, were both tragically assassinated. The Kennedy family has endured enough heartache and tragedy, and one would hope that the Biden administration would prioritize their safety. But alas, it appears that political vendettas take precedence over the well-being of their opponents.

RFK Jr. is not only a victim of the Biden administration’s abandonment of his security needs, but he is also an outspoken critic of their censorship campaign. He has been censored himself and has even testified before a Congressional committee on the matter. The irony is palpable as Democratic members of the committee, those who should value free speech, attempted to silence RFK Jr. It is clear that the Democratic Party, including House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, is threatened by RFK Jr.’s powerful voice.

To add insult to injury, YouTube, a platform that claims to uphold freedom of expression, has censored multiple videos featuring RFK Jr., including an interview with renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson. This censorship campaign is disheartening, as it undermines the very principles upon which our democracy is built.

The bias and censorship directed at RFK Jr., coupled with the denial of Secret Service protection, paints a troubling picture of the current state of our nation. It is clear that the Biden administration and their allies will stop at nothing to silence conservative voices and stifle dissent. We must remain vigilant in defending our First Amendment rights and ensuring that all candidates are treated fairly and equitably. The future of our democracy depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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