Biden Deports Asylum Seeker into Maduro’s Clutches, Ignites Fury!

In an article written by the liberal news outlet, The Washington Times, they talked about the separation of Pedro Naranjo and his father, Gen. Pedro Naranjo. Sadly, Pedro was deported back to Venezuela by the Biden administration, which led to him being imprisoned in a Venezuelan military prison. Pedro and his father fled Venezuela due to the fear of persecution by the socialist government led by Nicolás Maduro. However, the Biden administration’s attempt to discourage asylum-seekers from Venezuela has led to devastating consequences for these individuals.

The article mentions the challenges faced by Venezuelans seeking asylum in the United States. With Mexico ending visa-free travel for Venezuelans, many migrants have resorted to dangerous routes through the Darién Gap to reach the U.S. border. Despite the dangers and the surging migrant numbers, the Biden administration has resumed deportation flights to Venezuela, adding to the criticism from the Venezuelan community in Florida.


The deportation of Pedro Naranjo, a lieutenant in the Venezuelan air force, has sparked outrage among Venezuelan exiles and their allies. They have voiced concerns about the grave dangers faced by deportees upon their return to Venezuela. The article highlights a group of Venezuelan exiles and Miami Republican Rep. Carlos Jimenez denouncing the deportation, comparing it to sending a U.S. drug agent into the hands of a drug cartel.

Moreover, the article touches on the U.S.’s shifting stance towards Venezuela. It notes the Biden administration’s attempt to improve relations with Caracas, including easing oil sanctions and releasing a key Maduro ally from prison. However, these actions seem to contradict the plight of individuals like the Naranjos and the broader Venezuelan population seeking asylum in the U.S.

The father-son saga of the Naranjos is heartbreaking, as Gen. Pedro Naranjo faced persecution in Venezuela and his son’s deportation has left him imprisoned in a Venezuelan military facility. The article also sheds light on the challenges faced by asylum-seekers, including the heightened standards for passing initial asylum screenings and the lack of legal representation.

In conclusion, the biased liberal news article laments the plight of individuals like Pedro Naranjo and his father, highlighting the shortcomings of the Biden administration’s policies towards Venezuelan asylum-seekers and the broader U.S. relationship with Caracas. The article emphasizes the dangers faced by deportees and the potential repercussions for other Venezuelans seeking asylum.

Written by Staff Reports

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