Biden Deports Christian Homeschoolers, Welcomes Thousands of Migrants!

Once again, we have another heart-wrenching tale of the Biden administration’s complete disregard for the values that make America truly great. While President Joe Biden welcomes hundreds of thousands of migrants into our nation, a Christian family who simply wanted to homeschool their children is facing deportation. Can you believe it?

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike made the difficult decision to flee Germany over 15 years ago because they faced persecution for wanting to educate their own children. In Germany, homeschooling is forbidden, as the government believes that only public schools can teach the necessary lessons on tolerance and inclusivity. Honestly, it seems like Germany is more concerned with indoctrinating children than with true education.

These brave parents, who now have seven children and even a grandchild, sought refuge in Tennessee. They hoped to find a place where they could freely raise their children according to their Christian values. And for a while, they were able to stay, thanks to the previous administration.

Under the Obama administration, the Romeike family’s request for asylum was denied. Can you believe that? A family facing persecution for wanting to educate their children in a way that aligns with their beliefs was denied refuge in a country that supposedly values freedom and liberty. It’s truly outrageous.

But now, under President Biden, their fate hangs in the balance once again. Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of migrants are being placed throughout the nation, the Romeike family is being targeted for deportation. It seems like this administration’s priorities are completely upside down. They have no problem welcoming those who enter our country illegally, but they want to kick out a family who only wants to live out their faith and educate their children as they see fit.

It’s clear that the Biden administration’s vision for America is far from what our Founding Fathers intended. Instead of upholding the principles of freedom and individual liberty, they are more interested in pushing a radical agenda that tramples on the rights of law-abiding citizens. The Romeike family’s story is just another example of their misguided priorities.

As conservatives, we must stand up for families like the Romeikes and fight against the erosion of our fundamental values. We cannot allow the Biden administration to strip away our freedoms and dictate how we raise our children. It’s time to demand true respect for the right to homeschool and protect the rights of families who want to instill their own values in their children.

The Romeike family deserves better. America deserves better. It’s time we hold our leaders accountable and fight for the principles that have made this country so great. Homeschooling is not a crime, and it’s certainly not a reason for deportation. Let’s make sure the voices of families like the Romeikes are heard and that their rights are protected.

Written by Staff Reports

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