Biden Ditches Border Wall, Invites Immigration Chaos

In a move that will surely make conservatives cringe, the Biden administration has caved to the demands of open borders groups and agreed to halt construction of President Trump’s border wall. It’s a sad day for those who believe in the importance of strong border security.

The case began when Trump, frustrated with Congress’s inaction, declared a national emergency and redirected funds from the Pentagon to the border wall. The audacity! But leave it to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to swoop in and champion the cause of open borders. They represented the Sierra Club and Southern Border Communities Coalition, two organizations that are more interested in letting anyone and everyone cross our borders than actually protecting our country.

Of course, the ACLU and their allies were quick to sing the praises of this settlement. They claim that the border wall construction, which was deemed illegal by federal courts, caused untold harm to natural resources and border communities. But what about the harm caused by illegal immigration itself? It seems like they conveniently ignore that little detail.

But let’s not forget California, always a beacon of progressivism and common sense (not), which also challenged Trump’s order. The California Attorney General, a Democrat, naturally, happily proclaimed that the border wall is now a “relic of the past.” Well, congratulations, California, you’ve succeeded in paving the way for more illegal immigration and the erosion of our national security.

It’s no surprise that Biden wasted no time in canceling the border wall on his first day in office. He made it clear to the world that the border was wide open, ready to welcome hordes of immigrants. And now, with this settlement, he’s cementing his commitment to open borders even further.

But wait, there’s more! The Biden administration not only agreed to halt construction of the wall but also pledged to focus on environmental remediation projects. That’s right, folks, forget about securing our borders and protecting American citizens. Let’s make sure that bison and black bears have safe passage across the border. Because that’s clearly a top priority for our government.

To add insult to injury, the administration has reserved the right to install gates for border security purposes, but no razor wire fencing will be used. Because why bother with effective deterrents when we can just invite everyone in, right? And if a gate is closed, they have to provide notice and a reason. How gracious of them! I’m sure those who are eager to break our laws and enter illegally will be more than understanding.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Republican states have recently been given the green light to push forward with their efforts to make Biden use the funding allocated by Congress for the wall during the Trump presidency. It’s reassuring to know that there are still some states willing to fight for the safety and security of our nation.

In the end, this settlement is a clear victory for open borders and a blow to those who prioritize national security. Biden’s decision to end construction of the border wall and prioritize the concerns of environmentalists over the safety of American citizens is a dangerous precedent. It’s time for conservatives to rally together and demand strong border security, because our country deserves better than this.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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