Biden Dodges Debates: Loss of Faith and Fear of RFK Jr. Surge Revealed

US President Joe Biden is facing various challenges in his bid for the 2024 presidential election, such as from Marianne Williamson and Robert Kennedy Jr., in the primary races. Although RFK Jr.'s polling has shown that there is dissatisfaction with Biden among members of the Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee decided not to hold debates.

Kevin Munoz, the campaign spokesperson for Joe Biden, defended the candidate's decision not to participate in debates, pointing out that both parties have not yet agreed on how to conduct debates. However, this stance is not good for the president since many of the voters are women, union households, and young people who are expected to participate in the primaries or caucuses next year.

A Suffolk University/USA Today poll revealed that only 58% of Democrats support Joe Biden, which is a low figure for any incumbent president. This is a sign that his popularity might be waning. Other surveys also indicated that Biden's support level was not much higher than 70%. Kennedy had 21% support, while Williamson had 8%.

The absence of presidential debates has raised concerns about the mental capabilities of Joe Biden. This is especially true since many of his supporters, such as actor James Van Der Beek, have expressed their doubts about his truthfulness.

Biden's refusal to debate has angered his primary opponents and the voters. Both RFK Jr. and Williamson have called for a more inclusive and open primary process.

The Democratic National Committee's decision not to hold debates is a slap in voters' faces and suggests that Biden might not be the best candidate for the presidency. With the number of people who want to watch multiple debates, the organization's stance indicates that it does not trust Biden's capability to perform on stage.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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