Biden Donor Prosecutor in Hunter’s Case? Conflict Ignored!

The Washington D.C. federal prosecutor, Matthew Graves, has raised concerns due to his involvement in the Hunter Biden case, particularly because he made a donation to Joe Biden. This potential conflict of interest is certainly noteworthy.

Graves was summoned to testify before the House Judiciary Committee to address allegations of political interference in the Justice Department's investigation of Hunter Biden. In a closed-door interview, Graves revealed that he decided not to collaborate with David Weiss, the U.S. attorney from Delaware who now serves as Special Counsel in the case, after a brief phone conversation. Graves apparently didn't see the need to clarify this with Weiss, which is quite surprising given the importance of the investigation.

It's worth noting that Graves admitted that Weiss couldn't have brought charges in D.C. on his own. However, this did not deter Graves from staying involved in the case. He argued that partnering with another U.S. attorney would have complicated matters. This decision is questionable, especially considering Graves's close ties to Joe Biden.

The Biden Department of Justice has been trying to assert Weiss's independence in decision-making, but whistleblowers have come forward suggesting that he may have faced obstacles. This situation raises concerns about Weiss's impartiality, including his connections to Hunter's late brother, Beau. Additionally, Weiss approved a plea deal that had unfavorable outcomes in court, raising further doubts about his judgment.

The gun charges that Weiss is pursuing against Hunter Biden have been dismissed by some Republicans as distractions from more serious allegations of financial wrongdoing involving the Biden family's business dealings. The situation surrounding the Bidens often appears murky and convoluted.

Republicans are now considering the impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland, citing a pattern of justice that seems to favor the elite. They are also calling for an impeachment inquiry into Biden's involvement in his family's questionable business dealings. However, this inquiry is currently on hold as Republicans seek to elect a new House Speaker, signaling their determination to address these issues.

Overall, the involvement of Matthew Graves in the Hunter Biden case raises questions about the Department of Justice's integrity. It is disheartening to see a senior prosecutor who appears to give little consideration to appearances and propriety. This situation, along with other developments, raises concerns about the administration's commitment to justice.

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