Biden EPA: No Testing for Deadly Chemicals After Train Derailment

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio were recently left in a state of shock and confusion after a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed, releasing a large chemical plume into the air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has since conducted air and water tests and maintain that the levels are safe; however, residents reported health concerns such as rashes and headaches after the derailment.

The EPA has decided not to test for dioxins, which are groups of toxic chemical compounds, as part of their work monitoring the town. Debra Shore, EPA Region 5 administrator, said that the agency would not test for dioxins because they “don’t have any baseline information about the levels of dioxins which are produced also by wildfires, by backyard grilling, by a host of other things.”

This decision has been met with criticism from Stephen Lester, science director at the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice, who told East Palestine residents at a town hall on Feb. 23 that ignoring dioxins has been “one major mistake” in EPA testing. He alleged the EPA is not testing for dioxins because they would “be put in a place where they have to address it.”

The EPA’s decision to not test for dioxins is yet another example of the agency’s negligence when it comes to protecting the environment and public health. It is clear that the EPA is not taking this situation seriously and is instead trying to sweep it under the rug. This is a dangerous move that could have serious consequences for the people of East Palestine.

Dioxins take a long time to break down and could cause serious health concerns including cancer, reproductive and developmental problems and can be formed through combustion or burning fuels, according to the EPA’s website. It is concerning that the EPA is not taking into account the potential risks associated with dioxins and is instead focusing on other factors such as wildfires and backyard grilling.

Republican Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance and Democrat Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown sent a letter to the EPA on Feb. 8 requesting dioxin testing in East Palestine. However, the EPA has yet to respond to this request or take any action to address the issue. This lack of response is unacceptable and shows that the EPA is not taking this situation seriously.

The EPA should be held accountable for their negligence and should immediately take steps to address this issue. The people of East Palestine deserve better than this and it is time for the EPA to take action.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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