Biden Era Encourages Indecency at National Monuments

The country is heading towards a bad direction, as even national monuments are not safe from the promotion of immoral behavior. The Biden administration has made the nation’s capital a place where this indecency thrives, from inviting transgender influencers to the White House to having “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” alumni parade themselves in patriotic-themed, provocative outfits across national landmarks like the Washington Mall and the Lincoln Memorial.

Eight alumni of “Drag Race” promoted the show and posed for pictures at the Washington Mall, with one of them expressing pride in the progress that allows them to do such things. They were also there to encourage people to vote for Biden in the upcoming election.

Even though it didn’t appear to be directly sponsored by the Biden administration, the drag queens met with the White House press secretary at a popular gay bar after their parade in Washington.

This isn’t surprising, considering how Biden has supported far-left causes throughout his presidency. Such displays of immorality at important national monuments were unthinkable just a decade ago, and it’s troubling to see how quickly this behavior has become normalized.

The drag queens’ actions were not just a publicity stunt, but a troubling indication of the moral decline of the nation. This drastic change in societal norms within just a couple of decades is disheartening and alarming.

Written by Staff Reports

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