Biden Escapes DOJ, America Says He’s Too Aged to Lead!

President Biden’s recent clash with the press and the Justice Department has raised eyebrows, especially given the big “oopsie” the DOJ made by deciding not to charge him for mishandling classified information. Can you believe it? The guy dodged a bullet on a technicality, with the DOJ thinking he’s too old and frail to go to court. Talk about getting off easy!

But now, the president’s political trail looks like it’s covered in banana peels. A whopping 86 percent of Americans think Biden is too old for the job, according to an ABC News poll. Ouch! That’s gotta sting like a bee, Joe. You might as well stick a “senile” sticker on your bumper for the next election campaign.

The left has predictably come to Biden’s defense, calling Special Counsel Robert Hur a hack for his report, which mentioned Biden’s sketchy memory, like forgetting when his son died or his days as vice president. Give the guy a break, will ya? Andrew McCarthy, a former assistant US Attorney, said Hur was just following protocol. Maybe they should give Hur a gold star for doing his job.

And don’t even get started on Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer. He went on Face the Nation and danced around the idea of releasing the audio tapes and transcripts from Biden’s interview with Hur. What’s he hiding? The White House can’t seem to do anything right these days, and their incompetence is shining through like a lighthouse in a fog. What’s on those tapes, Bob?

Now, the real question is why Bob Bauer is so hesitant to release those transcripts. If Biden truly is firing on all cylinders, then the tapes should confirm that, right? It’s time for the Republicans in Congress to step up the pressure and demand the release of all the files. Let’s put this “Mr. Magoo” talk to rest once and for all. Come on, Bob, release those transcripts and tell your wife we want the audio files too!

Written by Staff Reports

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