NFL Billionaire Slams Biden: Americans Want Trump Back

It’s no surprise that Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets and an NFL billionaire, understands the struggles of ordinary Americans under the Biden administration. Unlike many other billionaires who are out-of-touch with the realities of everyday life, Johnson recognizes that the best version of America is one that works for everyone, not just the elites.

During his appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, Johnson made it clear that most Americans long for the days of the Trump administration. And who can blame them? Under Trump, we had secure borders, low inflation, affordable gas prices, and reasonable grocery prices. It was a time when Americans felt like their hard-earned money was going further.

But now, under Joe Biden’s leadership, we are witnessing the disastrous consequences of his policies. Grocery prices have soared, necessitating larger budgets for basic necessities like food. Gas prices have skyrocketed, putting an unnecessary burden on American families who rely on their cars to get around. And let’s not forget about the shortages of critical items like medicine and baby formula. These shortages are a direct result of the Biden administration’s inability to handle supply chain issues.

Liberals may try to argue that there is more nuance to economics and that we simply don’t understand, but the truth is plain to see. Outrageous prices and shortages hurt ordinary Americans. When their hard-earned money is being spent on basic necessities, there is less money circulating in the economy, which in turn harms small businesses and job growth.

It’s not just Woody Johnson who believes that life was better under Donald Trump. Many Americans feel the same way, which is evident in the most recent polls. According to The Economist’s political polls, Donald Trump is actually leading Joe Biden with 45% support compared to Biden’s 42%. This is incredible news for Trump, considering the bias we’ve seen in recent years favoring Democrats.

With the upcoming election, Joe Biden should be seriously concerned. If the polls are any indication, Americans are ready to return to the prosperity and security they experienced under Donald Trump. It’s time for the American dream to be restored, and that can only happen with a change in leadership. Joe Biden’s America just isn’t cutting it, and it’s time for Americans to take back control of their own futures.

Written by Staff Reports

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