Biden Faces Internal Party Revolt After Disastrous Debate Performance Against Trump

The Biden family must have had quite the rough weekend, as their commander-in-chief faced an onslaught from within his party after a downright disastrous debate performance against former President Donald Trump. The calls for Biden to step down were deafening, echoing from donors and lawmakers, especially those in the Senate. However, after a heart-to-heart at Camp David, Biden chose to stay in the race. Though it hardly matters—in the end, Biden controls the pledged delegates, and only Kamala Harris could wield the impressive war chest amassed by the President.

Last Thursday, Biden was destroyed by Trump, leading to widespread political theater—and it was entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Everyone saw Biden’s mental decline play out on national television, a decline that had long been suspected but was now undeniable. Even the usually friendly press corps admitted they’d been stonewalled when raising concerns about Biden’s mental and cognitive health. Now, the whole nation knows what they’ve been suspecting for years.

Winter’s chill brought a stark reality: 86 percent of Americans think Biden is too old to run again. This isn’t something that can be spun or ignored. Biden can’t turn back the clock. Leaks from the White House are painting a grim picture, with tales of Biden unable to function past 4 PM without napping. Reporters, including liberal ones, are questioning how Biden could win re-election, with 72 percent of Americans doubting his fitness for office post-debate. This isn’t limited to Republicans—41 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of independent voters are on board with this sentiment.

In Thursday’s debate, Trump mopped the floor with Biden, leaving no room for doubt—he triumphed by a staggering 40 points. The CBS News/YouGov poll couldn’t be more precise: 72 percent of respondents believe Joe Biden lacks the mental acuity to serve as President. The spin doctors on the left have their work cut out for them. Prominent Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, fumbled through explanations, attempting to salvage Biden’s tattered image but ultimately failing.

The Democrats are left clutching at straws, with some suggesting more public interviews or even putting Biden through another debate in September. David Plouffe, ever the optimist, might think more media exposure will help, but when 72 percent of voters think you’re mentally unfit, it’s like trying to fill the Titanic’s holes with duct tape. Pelosi and her elderly cohorts, like Rep. James Clyburn, are doing the party no favors. Watching them stumble through interviews claiming Biden’s presidency is still fantastic despite his apparent mental decline is painful and, frankly, insulting to voters.

If the Democrats’ strategy until November is to downplay Biden’s cognitive issues while parroting the same old excuses, they’re already dead in the water.

Written by Staff Reports

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