Biden Faces Leftist Backlash Over Israel Support Amid White House Protests

President Joe Biden has been feeling pressure from his left side to stop supporting Israel during the conflict with Hamas. The conflict started last year when Hamas attacked and kidnapped people in southern Israel. There was a big protest outside the White House against Biden and Israel. Some people even supported Hamas at the protest. They yelled at the police and threw things, but no one got arrested.

The security around the White House was increased because of the planned protest. More fences were put up, and extra police were there to keep things safe. The protest was led by a group called ANSWER Coalition, along with other leftist groups. They were angry at Biden for supporting Israel in the conflict.

During the protest, people wore Palestinian flags and Hamas symbols. They accused Biden of helping with the killing of Palestinian people. Some even defaced monuments around the White House. They wanted to show Biden that they were against his support for Israel.

Even though thousands of people were protesting, no one got arrested. Biden was not at the White House during the protest. He was in France for a special event. The protest shows that there are some people who disagree with Biden and his support for Israel. This conflict is causing a lot of tension among different groups of people.

Written by Staff Reports

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