Biden Fails to Condemn Pro-Hamas Campus Violence Properly

Joe Biden made an appearance at the White House to talk about the pro-Hamas encampments happening around the country. These supporters of the terrorist group have been causing chaos on college campuses, even blocking Jewish students from entering buildings and sometimes even hurting them. This behavior is completely unacceptable and goes against the values of peace and tolerance.

It’s disappointing that Biden had not addressed this violence sooner, choosing to have his staff release statements instead. When he finally did speak, his comments were disappointing. He mentioned “Islamophobia” and discrimination against Arab Americans or Palestinians, equating these issues with the violent actions of Hamas supporters. This is completely wrong – there is no excuse for the violent behavior that has been happening. 


Biden’s reluctance to address the real problem at hand shows a lack of leadership and courage. He seems more concerned about political considerations than standing up for what is right. This is not the kind of leadership our country needs. It’s important for our leaders to speak out against violence and hate, no matter where it comes from.

Ultimately, Biden’s handling of this situation shows a lack of moral clarity and strength. As a conservative Republican, it is concerning to see the President of the United States avoiding tough questions and failing to condemn violence and anti-Semitism. Our country deserves better leadership, and hopefully, voters will hold him accountable for his actions in the next election.

Written by Staff Reports

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