Biden Flounders as Democrats Scramble for Plan B Amid Election Turmoil

The Biden campaign is spinning its wheels, and everyone’s watching. After last week’s absolute train wreck of a debate performance by President Joe Biden, it’s clear his handlers have their work cut out for them. Now 81 years old, Biden fumbled and mumbled his way through the debate, leaving Americans scratching their heads. The president’s cognitive decline, combined with his lackluster agenda and nosediving poll numbers, make it no surprise that Democrats are quietly flipping through their Rolodex for backup candidates as the election looms ever closer.

However, replacing a candidate this late is more of a Hail Mary than a strategic decision. Biden’s campaign chest is more bloated than a D.C. bureaucracy, sitting at $240 million. But here’s the kicker: Unless Vice President Kamala Harris takes the helm, the cash won’t go to a new candidate. It’s like trying to transfer Monopoly money – not gonna happen.

If Harris steps up, she’s got dibs on the funds since she’s already on the ticket. That’s according to policy wonk Rob Casey of Signum Global Advisors. But just because the dollars can flow doesn’t mean the votes will follow. Harris’s popularity is about as high as a limbo bar at a seniors’ dance party. With only 37.5% approval and almost half of America disapproving of her, getting her elected would be like trying to herd cats.

The real tragedy for the Democrats is their obsession with identity politics instead of capability. They picked Harris because she checks all the diversity boxes, not because she was the best candidate. Now they’re stuck with an unpopular VP who inspires about as much confidence as a soggy paper straw. The Democratic donor class is already in a mild panic, with whispers about Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer being floated as potential replacements. But starting from scratch in the middle of July? That’s laughably naive when you’re up against Trump, who’s leading in swing states like he’s the prom king.

Biden’s recent performance at the CNN-hosted debate was more of a Sunday nap than a primetime showcase. He meandered through his responses, lost his train of thought more than once, and generally sounded like he was struggling to remember what he had for breakfast. The Democratic establishment can try all it wants to pass the baton, but if their best option is Harris, they might as well start drafting their concession speeches now.

The elephant in the room is the state of the 2024 election itself. Former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn raised an eyebrow-raising point about the uncertainty of whether an election will even take place, given the left’s grip on power. Americans better brace themselves and pay attention because if the Democrats keep stumbling like their frontrunner, the Republican base won’t have to break a sweat to clinch victory.

Written by Staff Reports

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