Biden Flounders at Dinner, Claims Savior Role While Undermining Democracy

In Washington, the White House Correspondents Dinner took place, where journalists dress up as celebrities and pretend they are heroes. President Joe Biden tried to be funny with his “jokes,” but his delivery was shaky. Despite his team’s efforts, it was clear he was past his bedtime.

Biden claimed he had a successful time since the State of the Union, but in reality, he holds the lowest approval rating of any president. The audience seemed to love his attempts at humor, even though they fell flat.

The president then shifted to serious topics, pushing the debunked “bloodbath hoax” and positioning himself as the savior of democracy. By claiming only he can protect democracy, Biden is holding it hostage.

The press, who should hold politicians accountable, seemed to lap up Biden’s words without question. Despite his rhetoric, democracy is not safeguarded by manipulating the system. Biden’s attempts to smear his opponent and distort the election results are dangerous.

As Biden calls on the free press to inform the American people, he fails to see his own hypocrisy. By trying to silence his opposition and twist the truth, he undermines the very democracy he claims to protect. It’s vital for the press to remain impartial and not be swayed by Biden’s authoritarian tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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