Biden Fumbles Super Bowl Sit-Down, Scores Own Goal on Age Concerns

The Democratic Party’s big cheese Joe Biden is making a real boo-boo by dodging an interview with CBS News before Super Bowl LVIII, according to one Democratic Party strategist. Skipping out on this big interview is shining a big ol’ spotlight on a voter worry brought to the forefront after Special Counsel Robert Hur let the cat out of the bag about Biden’s slip-up with classified info.

Even though no charges were brought against him, it was found that ol’ Joe deliberately held onto classified files but got off the hook because apparently he’s too old and senile to be held accountable. If Biden wants to squash all the doubts about his age, avoiding the media ain’t gonna cut it. James Carville, a big shot in the Democratic Party, pointed out that refusing to chat with CBS before the big game, which pulls in the most eyeballs all year, is a sign that the White House folks don’t have much faith in ol’ Joe.

Last Thursday, when the report came out, Biden held a presser at the White House, and let’s just say it didn’t go so hot. Look, on paper, if folks think you’re a bit out of touch and past your prime, the only way to fix that is to show ’em you still got it. Biden can’t turn back time, after all. The problem is, Joe comes off as grumpy and trips over his words because, unlike Obama, he’s not so smooth. He even mixed up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt. So, while hiding Biden away, which CNN’s Van Jones backed not too long ago, seemed like the way to play it, this report has blown that plan out of the water.

CBS News was actually a pretty friendly spot for Biden, supposedly one of the few networks he’s still on good terms with. If his aides don’t trust him to keep his wits about him there, you know things are looking real rough. Not that I’m complaining, but this would’ve been the perfect chance for Biden to talk up his track record and reassure the country that he’s still got it upstairs, especially right now.

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