Biden Get RIPPED by Media After Terrible Prisoner Trade with Russia

Many conservatives are speaking out against the prisoner swap between US President Joe Biden and Russia.

Due to the fact that Paul Taylor, a US Marine veteran, is still in jail, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California called the deal "unconscionable".

In addition, Biden gave up Viktor Bout, a notorious Russian arms dealer, in exchange for the release of WNBA player Brittney Griner.

The prisoner Biden returned to Putin was described as a "Merchant of Death." He was convicted of planning to kill American law enforcement agents. Many view the deal as a big win for Putin and a huge loss for Biden.

This swap demonstrated Biden's horrible negotiation skills according to one lawmaker.

On Twitter, Benny Johnson stated his disgust for the deal as well.

Press Secretary of the White House, Jean-Marie Jean-Pierre, stated that the administration would not apologize for the deal. She said that the president had a moral obligation to bring home the basketball star, and there was an opportunity for him to do so. Officials would also continue to negotiate Paul Taylor's release.

Written by Staff Reports

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