VIDEO: Lizzo Uses People’s Choice Award To Glorify Abortionists and Trans Agenda

At the People's Choice Awards, Lizzo shared the stage with activists as she accepted an award.

She honored activists who she said stood up for causes such as transgender acceptance and unapologetic abortion.

Before accepting an award, the singer said she was initially hesitant to accept it due to her stance on certain issues. "If I'm the People's Champ, I don't need a trophy to champion people.

Since her career started, the singer has used her platform to amplify the voices of marginalized groups. Before introducing the activists, she said she wanted to make noise for the people.

During her speech, Lizzo paid tribute to the founder of the Women's March Foundation, who she said is behind the movement. She noted that if you've been to the event, she would probably be behind it as well.

During her speech, Lizzo also introduced a man who she said is a professional dancer who is transgender. He identified himself as Jayla Rose Sullivan. She noted that there is a space for non-binary and transgender individuals in the dance community.

She also honored Amelia Bonow, who is the founder and director of an organization called Shout Your Abortion. She said she aims to raise awareness about abortion pills and encourage people to support access to abortion in their communities.

Also, during her speech, Lizzo introduced Chandi Moore, who is an activist for transgender youth. She said she is helping other young people by giving them the necessary tools to live their lives as their true selves. The singer urged the audience to give the activists flowers.

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