Catholic Church Sends Warning To Crooked Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is in for a world of hurt after a Catholic archbishop issued a stern warning against her.

Fight back against fake news with the help of Next News Network. You can also subscribe to get notified whenever new content is released. This is a must-watch video for anyone who is a fan of Hillary Clinton. The archbishop of Philadelphia has issued a stern warning against the former first lady after she made controversial abortion comments.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Texas warned against listening to Clinton after she said that she supports abortion rights.

Bishop Strickland of Philadelphia made a statement about Clinton. He said that she should not be listened to and that her immorality and lies should be put down for good.

During an interview with "Amanpour and Company," Clinton stated that the overturning of Roe v. Wade has put the rights of women in the US at risk. According to Fox News, she compared the state of women in the country to those in other countries such as Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iran.

This isn't the first time that Archbishop Strickland has criticized politicians who claim to be Catholic. In January 2021, he called on three prominent individuals, namely, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Andrew Cuomo, to protect the unborn.

In response, Biden said that he was Catholic. However, he continued to ignore the teachings of the Catholic faith. Archbishop Strictland then asked Biden to either stop claiming to be Catholic or follow the teachings of the church. According to Catholic teaching, children are a gift from God and that God would not call upon them to multiply or fruit. This is why many politicians tend to ignore this teaching.

Last year, Fox News reported that, according to Cordileone, Pelosi was not a devout Catholic. He also criticized her for supporting the Hyde Amendment.

During this time, Archbishop Cordileone criticized the use of the abortion issue as an issue of fairness and health for poor women. He said that it was hypocritical for politicians to talk about the health of the unborn while ignoring the health of the women who are affected by it.

He continued, “What about giving poor women real choice, so they are supported in choosing life?” According to Archbishop Cordileone, it is the people of faith who run pro-life pregnancy clinics that provide women with life-saving alternatives to abortion. He praised the individuals who are prominent Catholics for their efforts in providing this type of service.

According to Cordileone, no person can claim to be Catholic and support the killing of innocent human life. He also stated that the government should not pay for abortion.
Christians must hold themselves accountable when they lose their way. The concept of separation of church and state often comes up, but congregations are places where people come together to share one vital thing, God. When leaders of religious communities step out of line, it's their responsibility to catch them.

Archbishops are speaking out against politicians who claim to belong to their communities. Christians are called to love their neighbors as they would do for themselves. This principle applies to those in positions of power.

The community is responsible for holding accountable those in positions of authority who abuse their power or are involved in acts that are contrary to the teaching of the church. This is a difficult task, but it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the faith community.

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