Biden-Harris in Peril as Voters Eye Trump-Haley Power Duo for 2024!

The voters are already dreaming up their perfect running mates for President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. And if the likely voters get their way, the contest is shaping up to be a Trump-Haley ticket versus any Democrat not named Kamala Harris. That’s right, folks, the Rasmussen Reports survey has spoken and it’s a clear win for the conservative camp.

For the Trump team, the top pick for running mate is Nikki Haley, with a whopping 16% of all likely voters throwing their support behind the potential Trump-Haley ticket. Not too far behind is Governor Ron DeSantis with 12% and the one and only Chris Christie with 11%. Looks like the conservative voters are rallying behind these powerhouse names!

On the Biden side, it’s not looking too good for Vice President Kamala Harris. A whopping 45% of likely voters think it would be best for Biden to pick someone else as his running mate. Ouch! Only 41% are eager to see Harris back on the ticket. Looks like the voters are ready for a fresh face alongside Biden!

But hold your horses, folks. Let’s not forget that it’s ultimately up to the nominee’s party to sway the vice presidential pick. And surprise, surprise, the Democrats are throwing their full support behind the Biden-Harris ticket, with 57% rooting for Harris to stay put. Looks like the party is in for a battle of opinions when it comes to picking Biden’s running mate.

Now, let’s talk about the Trump side of things. The top pick among Republicans for Trump’s running mate is none other than DeSantis, with a solid 23% backing him up. Following closely behind is Haley at 18% and the fresh face Vivek Ramaswamy with 13%. Looks like the conservative base is fired up about these potential running mates!

And here’s the kicker, folks. Only a measly 5% of Republicans and a paltry 4% of self-proclaimed conservatives are rooting for Christie, who’s apparently the favorite among liberals. It’s clear that when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, the conservative voters have their eyes set on powerhouse names like DeSantis and Haley for the 2024 ticket. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride to the finish line!

Written by Staff Reports

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